Casey Neistat's Film Camera

If you watch Youtube you've been influenced by the work of Casey Neistat. The king of the vlog has defined how vlogs should look and be structured. In episode, WE KISSED!!, he goes into his personal camera collection and I was extremely surprised to see him highlight his film point and shoot the Olympus Stylus and the Olympus Stylus Epic. 

If you were born in the 80's the snapshots of your high school and college years were probably going to be on film. There wasn't yet cameras on smart phones and digital camera point and shoots were relatively young. 

The Olympus Stylus makes a lot of sense for Casey as well. It was a very portable and easy camera to use, their literally is only one button at the top to shoot and you can get away with shooting a whole roll without ever having to touch any other buttons. It also takes amazing pictures, images that are sharp and contrasty without a lot of downsides. Plus it was affordable so if you broke one you could get another without being too worried. 

What about today? The cameras are still available on eBay but there getting more scarce as people are buying them and using them. Now when a Stylus dies another Stylus goes off the market since they are no longer being made. This has driven up costs of working ones a lot into the $100s, but if you can get it for less than $75 I'd still go for it. 

If you have never used a film camera here is a quick rundown on how to use it. You can still get film at CVS/Walgreens and Walmart. Anything by Fujiflim or Kodak should be fine and go for the 400 speed film, it'll be a little more versatile than slower speeds. When you open your film you're going to want to slide the film onto the rite side of the camera and then you close the back. The camera will start winding, when you want to shoot open the clamshell and hit the big silver button. When the roll is done it will auto-rewind and you can remove it. 

Some places to get film developed are Walmart and see if there are any local photolabs as well. If there isn't any places close you can always send your film away to places like Old School Photo Lab, the Darkroom and Indie Photo Lab. You'll send your film away and they will send you your scans digitally and negatives in the mail. 

The Olympus Stylus is one of my favorite cameras and if you can grab a copy it's super fun to use. If you're new to film photography it's a really great way to get started and hopefully branch out and try other cameras and film stocks. 

If this helped you and you would like to purchase a Olympus Stylus please use this link. Even if you buy something else like.... BOAT by Shea Serrano it helps support this page and my work.