Gordy's Camera Strap

Camera straps are something I really don't fuss over. I'm not a huge fan of straps being a fashion statement or being treated as something more important than just an item that helps you not drop your camera. But, if you're in the market and looking for one I couldn't recommend Gordy's camera strap enough. 

Wrist Strap, Photo from Gordy's Camera Straps

Wrist Strap, Photo from Gordy's Camera Straps

I currently have three of them, two wrist straps (20$ each) and a neck strap (30$). They are made with high quality leather and I've used them for years without any issues. 

When you first use it the leather is bit stiff and it takes a while to for the leather to break in, after that it's extremely soft and comfortable. Because the strap isn't camera or system specific you can use it on almost anything as well. While they look pretty simple they hold a lot of weight and have performed extremely well with all sorts of gear for me. 

A camera strap isn't going to make your photography better but having a good strap is going to give you peace of mind. As I lean over edges, shoot off sides of boats and put my camera in terrible situations I've always been confident my Gordy's strap won't fail my camera or me.