Shooting to Remember

After graduate school I had all day to do nothing. I had moved back with my parents and would spend my day looking for jobs and  taking pictures with a Nikon D40. I took more pictures during that year off than any other year of my life. 

A lot of the photos were aimless and of subjects you bought a DSLR to shoot. People, flowers, travels and trying to exploit bokeh as much as you can. F1.8 and fast shutter speeds were my best friends. I didn't think too hard about composition or the images being special, it was shooting for pure enjoyment. 

Although the images weren't great, I still love these pictures. I captured all the small and big things that happened that year. I can go back in those images and remember where I was and what it felt like then. Currently my joy in photography is different, working at building my work and getting better at photography. These images remind me photography can also be about capturing everything around you as a time capsule. As time goes by I hope I can get all those little details back.