Short Trip Travel Gear and Why

I'm on a short trip outside of town for a few days. Here is the gear I brought and why.

  • Leica IIF - I bought this on a whim and want to see what shooting with an early Leica is like. So far, very quirky but super portable and capable.
  • Canon ELPH LT - Dan let's finish this roll soon. 
  • Extra APS roll too - Dan let's start and finish this roll soon too, so you can send to darkroom and push both rolls two stops. 
  • 3 rolls Superia, 1 Agfa Vista 200, 1 Kodak Gold 200 - I'm a fan cheap color film but I'm realizing shooting on 36 exposure rolls makes more economic sense. 
  • Scissors - I need to cut the film leader a bit so it will load in the Leica. Annoying.
  • Sekonic L-308s - My favorite meter.

In general I like to pack really light and shoot any chance I can. The Leica IIF is compact enough to fit in my pocket and very capable. It may become my only travel camera if I can live with the quirks and image quality.