10 Questions

10 Questions about Des Moines, Iowa. 2010 by Peter van Agtmael

Inspired by an assignment from the Photographer's Playbook I'll ask 10 questions about an image that for some reason I can't shake. This week it's Des Moines, Iowa. 2010 by Peter van Agtmael. 

©Peter van Agtmael, Des Moines, Iowa. 2010. 

©Peter van Agtmael, Des Moines, Iowa. 2010. 

  • Why is this image haunting and hopeful at the same time?
  • The lighting is straight above her, giving the illusion that she is floating. Is the whole room like this?
  • Her dress on my browser pulled up images of prairie dresses on young women. Could their be a larger juxtaposition?
  • What political party is this woman, we know it's a Republican event but I can't tell? Can you tell a person's beliefs by looking at them?
  • If I knew her beliefs would it change the meaning of this image for me?
  • What is the message of this image?
  • How did Peter add a sense of movement to the image when her posture is almost sculptural?
  • Did he wait for her to lift her foot or is that a coincidence? 
  • The chairs are stacked to the left but she is moving this one to the right, is this before or after the event?
  • The colors, framing and texture of this image portray a bleakness about America that is hard to shake. Are these my feelings about the image or my feelings about America?

Do you have questions about this image? Feel free to put them in the comments. Also this image is from a new book from Peter van Agtmael, Buzzing At the Sill. It's on my wishlist of books to get and I've heard amazing things about it. You can also find more about Peter and his amazing work here