favorite finds

The Simple and Reliable Sekonic L-308S

There's are only two things that I always have on me when I'm shooting film. The first is a camera loaded and the second The Sekonic L-308S is one of them. I actually started out with the more complicated and feature rich Sekonic L-358 but sold it because I never really used the flash sync and studio features. The basic Sekonic L-308S is a perfect shape, able to slip into my pocket pretty easily and barely larger than a deck of cards.

In use it's extremely simple, I usually keep it in ambient mode and take a reading of shadows and direct light. If the emulsion is versatile I'll just set my settings for shadows and overexpose the film a few stops. In cloudy weather where exposure is constantly changing, I'll remeasure my exposure whenever I think there's a large shift in light.

The device is pretty durable being able to take drops and get bounced around without affecting use. It also doesn't break the bank and can be had for around $50-$100. I got mine through a Craiglist purchase and wouldn't be surprised if there aren't a few available in your town as well.

It's rare in photography when a great tool doesn't come with a high price tag. When shooting film being able to know your exposure is correct and you are not underexposing frames is great insurance. The simple and affordable Sekonic L-308S delivers on that promise every time.

Favorite Finds: Fura Tactical Folding Knife

Things that are designed well and look great are the tools that I use more often and enjoy. One of these most recent tools is the recent Fura tactical folding knife I purchased from Gearbest. I have dabbled with trying to carry a pocket knife every day but the every model I had (Spyderco, Leek and Benchmade) could never got enough out of the way or were way too over the top as a sharp blade. When you work in an office and take out a tactical looking knife there are going to be some questions of why do you need something like that. For the most part I didn't, but I liked having a handy blade on me.

The Fura is a complete rip off of the Vosofferyn FricBric Friction Folding Blade / Bottle Opener that was funded on Kickstarter and sadly never fully delivered to it's backers. While I don't condone copying and stealing, this may be one case where it's semi-acceptable. The knife itself looks like a stubby aluminum flash drive. The edges unlike most knives are all square and perpendicular. The blade itself is thick and looks more like a cleaver than a typical tear drop.

In your pocket it disappears due to its small size, but has enough heft to not feel flimsy either. It's something I find myself carrying around every day and is finally something that I can use to cut open the occasional box, string, plastic or letter and also take out in a meeting without anyone knowing the better.

It's not a great idea to tie the effectiveness of a product to how others will view it, but in the case of this small knife it's the difference between using it all the time or keeping it at home and avoiding office discomfort.

If you’re thinking about buying this knife, feel free to use this link. I’ll get a kickback that will help support the making of this content.