Counterfeit Knife Reviews: Spyderco PM2, Benchmade Bugout, Benchmade Griptilian and Strider SNG

Aliexpress Clone Knife Reviews 2022

During the summer of COVID I started to buy a bunch of things from Aliexpress. A big portion of these things was counterfeit/clone knives. It is illegal to buy counterfeit knives and try to resell them as the genuine article. I purchased these to get an idea of what the knives were like to get a better sense if I wanted to buy the genuine version. I also feel like these knives can be used for spare parts if they fit the originals and give you some fun options for different color scales, screws and etc. 

Clone Knives: Spyderco PM2, Benchmade Bugout, Benchmade Griptilian, Strider SNG

Reviews from Top to Bottom of the Image Above. 

Aliexpress PM2 ($15): The best of the bunch. Centering is great and the G10 scales are very nice. If these scales fit the actual PM2 this knife would make an amazing donor body. The action was smooth out of the box and the blade grind very consistent. Although the PM2 is a little too big for me I can see why this is so popular. (9/10)

Bugout ($20): An ok knife overall. The best parts about this knife are the very smooth action and the featherweight. Fit and finish here was middling. Anodization was off on the thumbscrews and the blade grind and geometry looked rushed. Scales are ok and I think these would make great donor knives for parts like standoffs and thumbscrews. (8/10)

Aliexpress Griptillan ($20): I made a mistake here. I was actually looking for a Mini Griptillian to get donor orange scales. This knife is very middling. The handles are the worst of the knives here, the ergonomics are fine but the material is poor. They feel like dollar store plastic handles. Action is also pretty sluggish. The blade grind is excellent though. I would pass on this as a donor knife due to the low quality of the parts. (6/10)

Aliexpress SNG ($25): I don't normally like big knives but this knife is so unique and ergonomic. The knife came insanely oily and had to be washed with rubbing alcohol before I did anything, yuck. It's a solid chunk of metal but feels really amazing in hand. I never understood the thing with Strider knives but I get it now. Fit and finish outside of the oily first day was good. Getting the pivot loose enough to flip and the body tight took a lot of tinkering. I would recommend this knife as something everyone should try once. Totally not my style but a really fun experience. (7/10)


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