About Shawnee Union



My name is Dan Dao and I am an Austin, Texas based photographer and writer. I grew up in Southern California, went to school in Boston and lived six years in Topeka, Kansas before ending up in Texas. While living in Topeka, I started a Youtube channel called Shawnee Union* where I made hundreds of videos on film photography and cameras.

I got tired of reviewing cameras and not shooting with them so when I moved to Austin I found an amazing local lab, Austin Camera, and began to shoot a roll of film every week. This led to the Tattoo Project and many of the posts on this page. I’d like to one day look back on all this work and time and say I made the lives and communities I was apart of better. If you’d like to be apart of it, feel free to say hello.


*Origin Story: Shawnee is a Native American tribe and the county name for Topeka. The “Union” part comes from me being pretty heavy into workwear and Americana at the time. It’s probably something I should change but you know how names kinda stick. (shrug emoji)