A Bunch of Rolls with Fujifilm Color 200

Fujifilm Color 200 Review

What is it? 

Fujifilm C200 is a C41 color negative film aimed at consumers. It goes by a couple of names: Fuji Color 200, Fujicolor 200 and also Fuji C200.

What are it's strengths?

I took over 500 shots with C200 and it's greatest strength is accurately representing colors when exposed correctly. Like most Fuji color films it handles greens and reds in a way that I really enjoy. Both red and green are slightly oversaturated giving images a little more vibrancy. 

I love the way C200 renders reds like this brick building in Providence, RI. A little contrast was added in post to this image. 

The greens in this image are ideal for me. You can see how blues at the same time aren't as vibrant in the overall image. 

A real sweet spot for C200. The red here is both vibrant and saturated. This is a signature for Fuji and C200 is a great example of this rendering preference. 

What are it's weaknesses?

The Fuji C200 image colors can be a little bit too muted at times especially when pushed. I always have a tendency to push my film a few stops and I felt I lost a lot of contrast and saturation with C200. If you want to go for a washed-out look it may be a perfect emulsion for that. 

Shot later in the day in New Orleans. These images in the French Quarter feel like they should be much more saturated and contrasty. 

I overexposed this scene in Miami, Fl. Some of the colors are still holding strong but overall contrast and saturation is taking a big hit. 

I added a bit of contrast back into this image but this is another example of how overexposure really reduces the saturation in the red pole here.

Final Reccomendations

Fuji C200 is a good color film for outdoor shooting in sunny conditions. I feel it is best shot at boxed speed and maybe even underexposed a bit to bring out more color saturation. It's not a great film to overexpose and really loses saturation and contrast. It's not something I would shoot with every day due to these reasons. 


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