A Bunch of Rolls with Lomography Color Negative 800

What is Lomography Color Negative 800?

Lomography Color Negative 800 is one of the newer C41 color films on the market. Lomography is typically known for their experimental cameras and interesting emulsions like Lomochrome. I have shot over 280 photos with Lomo 800 and it is currently my main medium format color film. 

What are Lomo 800's strengths? 

The best thing about Lomo 800 is it's value. For only $20 you can get three medium format rolls of the emulsion. One roll of Portra 800 runs at $10. This doesn't mean Lomo 800 is no slouch either. I really enjoy the consistency of the film. The color pallette is a bit muted but it leads to really accurate color rendering. When exposed correctly the contrast is really pleasing and natural too. Lastly, Lomo 800 gives me more ability to shoot in poor light with medium format cameras with slower apertures.

This image feels and looks exactly like the actual scene. Lomo 800 doesn't add or take anything away with these subtle colors.  
There are a lot of colors in this image and all are well balanced and accurate. The image is pretty sharp too.

Lomo 800 has a great range for rendering. There are many different blues here and all of them feel distinct.

What's are Lomo 800's weaknesses?

Sometimes it can be a bit boring. If you're shooting a heavy beige or grey landscape I feel the image is going to be lessened. Lomo 800 won't add punch to an image where it doesn't exist and can sometimes end up looking just foggy. I don't get this with other medium format color films as much. This doesn't happen all the time but enough to bring it up. It also has a really tough time with harsh lighting environments. This is likely due to the extra sensitivity with the film.

A little punch of vibrancy could help.

This harsh lighting shows some of Lomo 800s pitfalls. 

Final Recommendation

Lomo 800 is a very solid film. It is consistent, produces pleasing images and doesn't break the bank. Like many medium format shooters, I was really surprised to find this in a Lomography emulsion. I'm really glad they are producing it and giving all film shooters a valuable new emulsion to try.

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