Canon A-1 SLR

Background: I'm not a huge fan of the Canon AE-1. To me, it always felt a little bit too fragile and I never understood why the camera was shutter priority vs aperture priority. A good friend of mine recommended that I try the Canon A-1, a more polished and robust version of the AE-1. I went to my local camera store, Austin Camera, and rented one for a weekend. 

The A-1 is a real joy to use, it has a very nice build quality and the layout is very intuitive. I put the camera into aperture priority mode and put a few rolls of film through the camera. It has a really satisfying electronic shutter and accurate metering. This leads to the camera taking great pictures and getting out of your way. I paired the A-1 with the ubiquitous 50mm F1.8 FD lens and would recommend that setup for anyone looking to get started with this camera. 

I'm glad I gave the A-1 a try. The AE-1 had turned me off to electronic shutter SLR cameras due to many bad experiences. The A-1 fills many of the holes I found in the AE-1 and was a capable and fun shooter.  

Battery: 28A Battery


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