Canon Powershot Canon G5 (2003)

Background: I always felt the G5 series were the premiere powershot cameras. The G5 here is built like a mini film SLR. It has a bevy of buttons, a viewfinder, flip out screen and ports. This was a lot of options and ports for a camera released in 2003. 

I recently picked up one of these cameras at a local thrift store. I was surprised it still worked and was pretty entertained by how dated it felt. The camera is well built but it has so many little dials and options you can get a little bogged down at times. Image wise a camera from 2003 is going to have a hard time living up to even basic smartphones today. One of the modern selling points of this camera is the CCD sensor which takes images you really don't see as much in a sea of CMOS sensors.

I wouldn't recommend using this camera as your main shooter but it's a fun camera to play with and definitely something interesting for your shelf. 


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