Canon Powershot SD630

Background: Canon released alot of digital cameras in the 2000s. Looking back at this era it's hard not to feel sorry for the consumers buying cameras. The Canon Powershot SD630 was in the SD line of Powershot digital cameras. Between 2003 and 2006, Canon released 12 digital cameras in this line with very similar body types and ever increasing megapixels as time passed. 

The SD 630 like the others were rugged and compact cameras with a small CCD sensor. Images from this time have a really unique image and color signature. The CCD sensors didn't capture as much dynamic range as larger SLRs but still produced interesting and slightly contrasty images. These were really simple cameras and were some of the first digital cameras to replace film cameras. 

The SD 630 doesn't have any notable features or qualities today. At 6 megapixels you're going to be able to get some sharp images that aren't terribly accurate and have an early 2000s color profile. The camera takes video as well but at a really poor resolution. Maybe this is a great backup camera to keep in your bag when you don't want to think to hard about making perfect images. It also looks pretty great on a shelf. 


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