Canon SD400

Background: I bought this camera more like a relic than for it being a camera. It was released in 2006 and looks like it has been through hell and back. The metal body has obvious signs of wear and tear. Gouges on the front face, smoothing of the metal ridge around the lens and fading of the printed text. 

These cameras were survivors and could take a lot of tough adventures. I remember the SD 400 is a very solid feeling camera in the hand. This copy had a broken LCD screen making it really hard to review images. I thought I could get by with the tiny viewfinder but ended up not using the camera enough to keep it. At that point in my hoarding of small digital point and shoots, I had over a dozen compact cameras. If you can get this for less than $10 I would go for it, if anyone is aking more for that I would step away. 

Battery: Canon NB-4L and get the Universal Battery Charger too. It'll save you in the long run. 


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