Favorites: Nikon FM SLR

Background: People that deal in buying and selling products can be extremely picky about what they use. When my youtube channel was at peak capacity I always had a shelf of cameras I was making videos on and testing constantly. Most of those cameras I don't use anymore and have donated and sold off. The Nikon FM is different though, it survived the purge and continues to be one of my favorite SLR cameras. 

The FM hits a sweet spot for me in terms of value, features, and portability. I use the camera meterless so I can purchase less expensive copies with broken meters. The FM has a top shutter speed of 1/1,000 making it versatile in bright situations and with lower aperture lenses. The body is still solidly built but not as bulky as the previous generation Nikon F cameras. It also takes Nikon F lenses and can adapt earlier Nikon lenses too. Lastly, the camera setup is perfect. The layout of the shutter speed is clean and unfettered. Changing settings on the lens is quick and simple. 

I had built a rather large stockpile of Nikon lenses which I really enjoyed shooting video with. I would attach the lenses to the FM on the weekends to capture images around town and loved shooting in the efficient and simple manner the FM allows. If you're looking for a Nikon film SLR this is the one I would recommend. 

Battery: LR44 or you can shoot meterless


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