Kodak Zi8

Background: With the immense sucesss of Flip video cameras in the mid 2000s there were bound to be many competitors. The Kodak Zi 8 may be the best pocket camcorders of them all. The Zi 8 had many great things going for it. It shot 1080p, had a line in and also had a tripod mount. The camera also had a very affordable battery that you could swap out on long shoots. 

I used the Zi 8 to record a few Youtube videos and it was such a fun and simple device to use. The expandable SD storage made it more versatile than the late-era flips too. While all these cameras have been passed by smartphones I still find them really useful. When you just want to take video and not worry about dropping an expensive device these will more than do the job. 

Battery: KLIC - 7004I would also recommend getting a universal battery charger so you can charge batteries from many different camera brands. 


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