Olympus 35 RC Rangefinder

Background: I really enjoy shooting with rangefinder cameras but the ones I had were large and heavy. I went on the lookout for a rangefinder that could fit in a jacket pocket and blend into the background. A lot of my research pointed at the Olympus 35RC. The Olympus 35RC is a very simple 35mm rangefinder with fully manual focus, shutter speed and aperture.

I really enjoyed shooting with the camera. Images coming from the camera were very sharp and contrasty. Zuiko lenses are some of my favorites and the 42mm F2.8 lens on the 35RC was really versatile. The 35RC was very straightforward in shooting too with the limited shutter speed dial on the top of the camera and the aperture and shutter speed settings on the lens. The 35RC is fun to take out and take images with it's small size and capable features. 

The only reason I ended up selling the camera was that I purchased a Canon GIII QL 17. Although the QL 17 was a bit larger the F1.7 aperture was coming in much handier than the slower F2.8 of the 35RC. If you can get a good deal on the 35RC I would go for one, it's a very capable camera and something I always enjoyed using. 

Battery: PX625 or use it with no meter 


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