Olympus Stylus 1030 SW

Background: When you can get a bunch of cameras at dirth cheap prices you end up buying a lot of things you would never dream of buying at full price. One of the most interesting cameras I have purchased is the Olympus Stylus 1030SW. I had no idea that Olympus and other camera manufacturures were making small point and shoot cameras that sound a lot like GoPros. These cameras are impact resistant, crush proof, waterproof and generally insanely rugged. 

They fill a really niche market where someone wants an insanely rugged camera that also takes good images. The reason I enjoy them so much is that they have lenses that aren't as wide as your average GoPro and are closer to a 35mm field of vision. The Stylus 1030 SW is a very rugged and capable shooter. Images here are not spectacular but I found myself using it more often than not since it was so fast to start up and take an image. You could literally take an image 2-3 seconds after hitting the on button at the top of the camera. 

With a really great build quality and ability to take pictures almost everywhere it's going to be a camera that I keep and really enjoy. This doesn't make much sense as your daily driver camera because there are much better options out there. But it's the perfect camera for a kayaking trip where you don't want to destroy your phone. 


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