Olympus Stylus Zoom DLX Point and Shoot

Background: I think I picked up the Olympus Stylus Zoom DLX at a thrift store where I paid less than $5. Most places have figured out that these cameras are fetching a lot more online and have started to price them higher or the stores avoided the sales floor altogether and auction their cameras online. For a lot of people, the Zoom DLX is going to one of the few affordable 35mm point and shoot camera options that are still available.

I love the original Olympus Stylus for its simplicity and portability. The Zoom DLX should be like the original but with a more versatile 35-70mm lens. Somehow the added features lessen the camera. It's a bit slower to shoot with since the lens has to extend and generally a bit clunkier. Overall it's just a bit more complicated, noisy and fiddly to deal with. I never had much fun shooting with it and wasn't thrilled by the larger size either. If you can find one in a thrift store go ahead and pick it up but it really isn't something I would go searching for.

Battery: CR123A and Rechargeable CR123A which I use more often

Olympus Stylus Zoom DLX eBay Link


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