Photo Tools: Ren Hang's Camera and Film Choices

What Camera did Ren Hang Use?

Portrait Photo of Ren Hang
Courtesy Ren Hang Studio, Beijing. 

Who is Ren Hang?

Ren Hang was born in 1987 and died in 2017. He is known for his images of nudes, in which multiple people are stacked, layered, contorted and juxtaposed with living, dead animals and flowers. Although his work is sexual and explicit it never crosses into exploitation or demeans his subjects.  I admire the distinctiveness of his style and subject matter along with his ability to create such work in China.


Camera: Minolta 110 Zoom, the 110 is getting pretty hard to find but the 115 is very similar
Minolta 110 Zoom that was like the one Ren Hang used

My Favorite Photo Book
Ren Hang by Taschen (NSFW link)


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