Yashica T4 Super D

Background: The Yashica T4 Super D is a legendary point and shoot that has started to obtain legendary prices too. I picked up a broken copy at a Goodwill in Kansas and paid $85 to fix it. It was a fun camera to shoot with and the images I took with it are some of my favorites. The 35mm F3.5 lens on the T4D was very sharp and also very contrasty. The Tessar coating also gave reds a tint that I found really ideal.

I never really used the viewfinder on top of the camera and ended up feeling the camera, which was only selling for $150 back then, was not being used enough to justify me owning it. I sold it to get an Olympus EPL-1 which allowed me to shoot more Youtube videos and build Shawnee Union. If you're looking for one of these cameras today I would warn you on the reliability of the camera. These cameras are getting pretty rare and in the day were really put through their paces. It's a great camera but it can fail and become an expensive plastic brick at any time. If you're willing to take that gamble this is a really fun camera to have.

Battery: CR123A and Rechargeable CR123A which I use more often

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  1. Which brand rechargeable batteries? Most rechargeable cr123a are 3.7V whereas the T4 was meant for 3V.

  2. I've used a CR123A in this camera without any issues. A quick google search shows the 123A (3V) is ok too.


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