A Bunch of Rolls With Lomochrome Purple

What is Lomochrome Purple?

Lomochrome Purple is a really unique emulsion that renders colors much differently than what you see. This emulsion is a variable speed film that can produce different effects depending on how you shoot it. The most notable effect is rendering greens as red and pink. The film can be processed with standard C-41 chemicals making it an affordable film to use. 

What are Lomochrome Purple's Strengths?

The color shift you get with Lomochrome Purple is the main selling point. Being able to render lush green imagery into fantastic pinks and reds is something amazing. Because the process is chemical it feels much more organic and natural than simply color shifting in an image editor. 

I find that the film works best at golden hour and rated at ISO 100. It gives you bright and contrasty images. There is also enough light at that time to have consistent exposures.

What are Lomochrome Purple's Weaknesses?

It takes a while to understand how to fully utilize this emulsion. Not all scenarios are going to look good with the color palette that Lomochrome Purple has. Blues will shift toward light purples and cooler colors may go grey. This film also requires a lot of light to render vividly. Shooting under overcast sky can really reduce the rich contrast this film can produce.

Lastly, it isn't always available making it expensive at times. This is a film I save a feel rolls for special scenarios. Especially, ones where I can utilize green objects and backdrops.

Final Reccomendations?

Lomochrome Purple is a really unique film that is going to give your images a really distinct look. It is not appropriate for every situation but can be a reliable performer when mastered. It can be rare and expensive but I feel everyone should shoot a roll and see what comes back. 


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