Favorites: Olympus Stylus Infinity Point and Shoot

Background: The Olympus Stylus Infinity is a camera I keep on coming back to. The Stylus is a small point and shoot with a 35mm f3.5 lens and a really simple design. It's the perfect point and shoot camera. It is easy to travel with and shoots fast. Image quality is not spectacular like the Yashica T4 but the cost here is a lot lower and I found myself carrying it around more than other cameras. I've gone through at least four of these cameras via trades, sales and brakes. I currently don't have one and probably won't unless I can find a good deal. These used to be thrift store staples at $5 in the early 2010s but are much more limited now. If you can find one for a good price be sure to pick it up.

Battery: CR123A and Rechargeable CR123A which I use more often

Olympus Stylus Infinity eBay Link


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