Yashica T2

Background: The images below are what I could find from my old eBay sale of this camera. I remember taking the Yashica T2 on a wedding trip to California where I was comparing it to the newer and more capable Yashica T4. Well, it wasn't that close. 

The lens on the T2 and the T4 are virtually the same in terms of sharpness and color rendition. The huge difference between the cameras is autofocus speed and accuracy. The T2 struggled to focus in many different settings. This leads to focus being slow and getting back many out of focus shots. The T4 resolved this issue and has a much faster and accurate focus. When I bought this camera in the mid 2000s they were easily found at thrift stores for $5-$10. I see them selling north of $100 now and that makes very little sense to me considering how much better the T4 is. I would splurge for the Yashica T4 if you are in the market for a Yashica point and shoot or go with the tried and true Olympus Stylus

Battery: CR123A and Rechargeable CR123A which I use more often


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